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Do You Want to See God?

I’m still al little stuck on the words I read from C.S. Lewis yesterday. When I read Lewis’ suggestion that only the pure in heart want to see God, I started wondering: are there really people who DON’T want to see God?

I get that there are people who don’t believe God exists, but, I don’t think Lewis’ statement applies to a lack of belief in God’s existence. Here’s what I’m wondering: is it possible for someone to know that God exists but to not want to know/see God? If so, what might be the reasons?

I’ve started a list of potential reasons:
– selfishness – they would rather pursue their own desires than the desires of anyone else;
– fear – I suppose there are so many kinds of fears on this one, but the fear I’m suggesting is a fear that to see/know God would be to discover that they have made so many bad/wrong choices ad they just don’t want to face that;

I’m having a difficult time expanding my list; perhaps you could help me.

By the way, I know that speculating about the motives of others is dangerous, so I want to be clear about something. I’m not asking this question to say anything about “them” so much as I am trying to consider the implications for us. I know that in my life, I don’t live every second for God. By considering this question, I might be able to discover some of the reasons and and therefore be able to do something about it. (Maybe there’s a part of me that is afraid to see God.) – Pastor Brad