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“What Sin Was There I Had Not Committed?”

In my reading for reflection today, I read of Carlo Carretto’s reflection on his journey from sinfulness toward Christ. He wrote, “On my journey towards him, I was completely worn out, unable to take another step forward. By my errors, my sinful rebellions, my desperate efforts to find joy far from his joy, I had reduced myself to a mass of virulent sores which repelled both heaven and earth.” Carretto continued, asking the question, “What sin was there I had not committed?”

What an interesting question! I don’t know a ton about Carretto, but from what I do know, he likely committed far fewer sins in his life than I have so far in mine…which I think is the point. So often, I see and hear Christians living, acting, and talking from a vantage point of self-inflated piety. We somehow think ourselves better because we strive (with failings) to follow Jesus. If we view our faith journey from this prideful place, we make a huge mistake.

Like Carretto, we should humbly view our sins as being the same as those of all others. We are equal in that way with everyone…just as we are equal in the reality that Jesus died for everyone else as much as Jesus died for us. When we begin to see the world, and all the amazing people in it, through this lens, this eye of Christ, the world will change for us. Hopefully, the world’s response to us will change, as well.

– Pastor Brad