Sunday Worship: One Worship During Summer @ 10:50 a.m.
First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

Sunday at Seven – What it Is

Our new worship service – Sunday at Seven, began last night.  The worship service was small and intimate, as expected.  Maybe that will continue to be the case, maybe not.  We’re still trying to determine whether or not “small” ad “intimate” are necessary components of the Sunday at Seven worship experience.

However, if you’re looking for a place to worship and are considering Sunday at Seven, here are the things we do know:

  • Worship is on Sunday evenings in the First Christian Church Sanctuary at 1326 North 1st Street
  • Worship is oriented toward people who have gotten away from “church” for one reason or another through the years.  Toward that end:
    • Worship is one hour in length;
    • Worship is simple, an any hymns sung will be the most familiar (hopefully like comfort food to the soul);
    • Worship is worship – no extra stuff;
    •  Worship is interactive rather than preachy – the pastor will read scripture and tell a few stories but invite the worshippers to discuss the meaning;
    • Worship will include weekly communion;
    • Worship will include prayer;
    • Worship will include time for reflection;
    • Worship will offer opportunities to take faith out into the world;
  • Worship will not include:
    • Any judging;
    • Any attempts to make you feel guilty;
    • Any overt requests for money (there will be an offering basket on a stand, but offering at Sunday at Seven takes place after the worship service and includes opportunities for you to help people in need instead of simply giving money to the church);
    • Any organized fellowship time;
    • Any requests for your personal information or for you to join the congregation – if you want to get more involved, you’ll need to make the first move;

If you’ve been thinking about going to worship or getting back into worship and/or the typical worship time of Sunday morning doesn’t work for you, please consider Sunday at Seven.