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Sermons on Genesis

Worship at the Cabin: Creation Care

I said it before; I’ll say it again.  I’m not an environmentalist. You will not anytime soon be hearing me advocating any kind of mandatory restrictions on people’s enjoyment of God’s creation.  However, what you’ve heard today and what you will CONTINUE to here is a person of God imploring you to CHOOSE to perform one of the primary jobs God placed people here to perform: caring for God’s creation the way God would care for it, the way God showed us throughout scripture to care for it.  Choose to participate in God’s desires and efforts to care for creation in such a way that creation can continue to care for people for generations to come.

Jacob Is Israel Is Us

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: don’t test God by expecting something quite as mind-blowing as changing a tumor from malignant to benign. And don’t wait for God to show you a stairway to heaven like God did for Jacob. Instead, watch for the ways God is with you in every moment of your journey of life, offering you again and again the gifts of grace, presence, and steadfast love. Don’t just watch for the ways God is working in your life, but ENJOY the ways God is working in your life. Because God IS working, and your recognition of that reality will make life a lot more worth living!


Y’all, a church building that had been reduced to rubble just a few years prior to that service now stood as a beacon of hope for a community and a testament to what faith-in-action can do. Which gets me wondering: what can God accomplish when and if WE, First Christian Church, Grand Junction, put our faith into greater action?

Happy Endings

So God’s good news as found in today’s passage is simply this: whenever you choose to follow God’s will for you instead of your own harmful feelings and desires, whenever you choose to let God guide the direction of your life instead of letting the pain of your past and the pain of what others have done to you guide the direction of your future, whenever you decide to let go of all the justifications you have for why it’s ok to hold on to anger and hate because, by golly, that mean person who hurt you DESERVES it, then, THEN, you will enjoy contentment in life, then you will enjoy life and every single moment of life as a gift and blessing instead of a curse.


Y’all, there are thousands of lost and lonely people, hungry people like Marta, all around us in the Grand Valley. Once we’ve invited them to Jesus’ house, we need to do everything we can to help them encounter Jesus while they’re here. Even if it means spending some money on big arrow signs pointing to the entrance that WE don’t NEED for uUS instead of spending that same money on a new convenience WE will use. Even if it means focusing on THEIR children instead of ourselves. Even if it means there will be a few buletin airplanes flying around.

Striving with God

And this long-term struggle, this struggle every single day to get our will in line with God’s will, the struggle every day against God’s desires but also the struggle to get BACK to God’s desires, y’all THAT is what the Bible is all about. That’s what following Jesus is all about. Our lives are about a transformation process being worked by God but resisted by us. We, people, spend much of our lives seeking our own desires and our own way. Yet somehow, through encounters with God …God tries to transform us into something more than what WE desire, God tries to transform us into what God made us for, into what God desires for us. It’s the transformation of resurrection, the transformation of the new life God offers out of the old life we have so long pursued.

“A Different Type of Laughter”

My friends God IS calling you to live differently so that, in the end, you will laugh a different type of laughter, the type of laughter you so long to laugh. God IS calling you to live differently so that everyone who hears – everyone who pays attention to how God is working through you – will laugh WITH you, will laugh with you a laughter of joy and goodness. All you have to do is choose to go along with God’s plan.

The Fulfillment of Salvation History

Folks, Christ is risen. That fact might have confused and perplexed the followers of Jesus who first visited the empty tomb, but it shouldn’t have. It just FITS with everything that had come before, and I don’t just mean Jesus’ often confusing words. Christ is risen because resurrection, new life, real, true life, the kind of life that is TOV, is what God has always wanted for all of us, for YOU.

Tempted by Satan

Fast forward to the present time, to YOUR life. When you are tempted, when you are abut to give into temptation and do something every bit as against God’s desires, every bit as evil or wicked as the people of the earth in Genesis 6, aren’t you happy that something has changed with God? Isn’t it great that God now KNOWS what it’s like to be experience temptation…that God wants so badly for us to not give IN to temptation but wants something BETTER for us…isn’t it wonderful that God now KNOWS even what we NEED to RESIST temptation because, thanks to Jesus, thanks to Emanuel, God in the flesh, has BEEN there. Folks, just like God desired more for humanity than for us to be wiped out completely so long ago, God NOW desires more for us than to allow us to give in to the temptations of society and culture. SO God offers us EXACTLY what we need.