In-building corporate worship set to return on Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 @ 10:50am.
First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

Sermons by Rev. Brad Barton

Easter Sunday 2021 Sermon: When the Sabbath Was Over

Which brings me to the modern Church…to today…and, more specifically…to First Christian Church, Grand Junction on THIS Easter Sunday of 2021.  Today is my last day to guide you as Senior Pastor.  You know this.  You’ve been preparing for it.  Your leadership has been preparing for it.  The Regional Office and Regional Minister have been assisting your leadership in preparing for it. But all the preparations in the world can’t change what’s going to happen tomorrow: you will enter into a transition space.

March 21, 2021 Sermon – Return from the Wilderness: Wrath

So…yeah…wrath happens, even with otherwise ordinary people…most likely involving those with whom we’re closest to in life because they are the people over whom we have enough power to act out of wrath… So…yeah, wrath is bad.  Wrath is dangerous.  It harms the people toward whom we act with wrath, and it harms us…. So, my friends, leave wrath to the realm of God, and prevent the pain – to others and yourself – that results from wrath.

March 14, 2021 Sermon – “Return from the Wilderness: Greed”

So, please, be careful.  Remember that, while God loves you, God ALSO loves everyone else.  While God loves you, God doesn’t want you, and you alone, to have it all.  When you GET that, when you get past the selfish desires of greed, you will live into a way that benefits YOU even MORE than your greed, and you will live in a way that benefits everyone around you.  In other words, you will replace the ways of death with the ways of life…for you and for everyone else.

March 7, 2021 Sermon: Return from the Wilderness – Gluttony

My friends, today God calls to us to return from the wilderness of the sin of gluttony, of worthless living, of purposeless living and actions and speech.  God calls us to return to living the way of purpose God places before us, the way that is best, given and directed by the One who made us and KNOWS what is best.

February 28, 2021 Sermon: Return from the Wilderness – Envy

So, I encourage you, work diligently at all times to be content with what you have, with physical things as well as relational, spiritual, and positional things.  Further, whenever you do start to feel a little envious, immediately do something to focus on God – as a way of taking your focus off the object of your envy/desire – so that you may live as God intends instead of suffering the pain and consequences of envy.

February 21, 2021 Sermon – Return from the Wilderness: Pride

February 21, 2021 Sermon “Return from the Wilderness: Pride” 1st Scripture Reading – Esther 5:9-14 9 Haman went out that day happy and in good spirits. But when Haman saw Mordecai in the king’s gate, and observed that he neither rose nor trembled before him, he was infuriated with Mordecai; 10 nevertheless Haman restrained himself […]

February 14, 2021 Sermon: Lament in the Time of COVID – Cry Out in Community

When we cry out to God in community, we will become more united, we will become more attuned to God’s will over our own wills, we will be more apt to discern God’s solutions and ways out, and we will find ourselves in the company of others when we most need it.  So, my friends, let’s cry out to God as a community, and let’s trust in God to guide us forward into our best possible future.