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Sermons from August 2019

Discernment: Cut Out the Clutter

I hope by now you’ve got the point.  One of the best and first ways to know God’s will is to start cutting the clutter of stuff the competes with God’s will from your life.  When you do, you may find you have more time on your hands that you can use to listen for God and more time you can use doing what you believe God wants you to do.  When you do, you may even find that you have more money in your hands to spend in the way God wants you to spend it. And you very likely will find that you’ve got more time to spend with other people who are also trying to discern God’s will for their lives…and so those people can become resources to help you better discern God’s will.

Discernment: It’s for Everybody

And while some people have a special gift for discernment…just like some people have a special gift for prayer…EVERY person can in some way discern the will of God.  YOU can in some way discern the will of God…for ANYthing…as long as you take the time to ask and listen. If you want some specific tools for how to do this, come back next Sunday.