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Posts from March 2015

New Life Here and Now

The 37th chapter of Ezekiel (vs. 1-14) provides the story of the valley of dry bones. God shows Ezekiel a valley of dry bones and tells Ezekiel to command the bones to live in the name of God. Ezekiel commands the bones, and they rise up and form whole skeletons, and sinew and muscles and […]

A Prayerful Life

I read Henri Nouwen’s words today (from “The Living Reminder”): “This is what is meant by a prayerful life. It is not a life in which we say many prayers, but a life in which nothing, absolutely nothing, is done, said, or understood independently of him who is the origin and purpose of our existence.” […]

The Iniquity of Us All

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have all turned to our own way, and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” – Isaiah 53:6 I think, for me, the most difficult part of Lent, and especially this last part of Lent as I approach Holy Week, is coming to […]

How do You KNOW if You Believe?

How do you know if you “believe”? I’ve been contemplating this question for quite some time. Throughout my life and ministry, I have noticed that so many Christians “believe” in a different kind of Christ. In other words, they believe different things about Jesus (and about God.) Then, in my reflection reading for today, I […]


I started my reflection and prayer time today with a prayer, a Psalm reading, and a reading from 1 Peter 2. I got through all three of these without really paying attention to anything I had read or spoken. (I was side-tracked by quite a bit of “inner noise” – thoughts about my day and […]


As I prepare for my Palm Sunday sermon, there is a question that I’m struggling with. Please provide some answers/examples if you can. Before I ask the question, I’ll provide some background. On Palm Sunday, crowds of people (Jewish pilgrims going to Jerusalem for the Passover festival) celebrated Jesus as the King of the Jews, […]

Look Up

My daily scripture reading for today is from Colossians 3. In it, the author (identified as Paul) suggests that if we have been “raised with Christ” we should put our minds on things above (with Christ) rather than things that are “on earth”. You might wonder what those specific things are that Paul says we […]

An Inward Faith?

Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote: “The world needs more than the secret holiness of individual inwardness…God asks for the heart because He needs the lives” (from “God in Search of Man”). As a pastor, I am often asked questions like: “Why do we need to be a part of church, a community of faith?” “Can’t we […]

What Must YOU Let Go Of?

In my reading for reflection today, I read from Carlo Carretto’s “The God Who Comes”: “This is what is difficult: believing truly means dying. Dying to everything: to our reasoning, to our plans, to our past, to our childhood dreams, to our attachment to earth, and sometimes even to the sunlight, as at the moment […]