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Daily Reflection for February 28, 2020

Reading for Today: Matthew 13:1-17

Verses for Reflection: Matthew 13:3a (NRSV)

3 And he told them many things in parables, saying: “Listen!…”



I could reflect on the rest of the words Jesus spoke, of the parable of the sower and Jesus’ response to the question of why He taught in parables, but I think the most  important lesson of His words for me today is “Listen!”

More accurately, the lesson is about to WHOM to listen.

Who and what do you listen to most each day?  Is it your spouse, your children, your siblings, your parents, a trusted voice on the radio or television, an influencer on social media, a trusted friend?

Sometimes, when I read Jesus’ words, they’re not very comfortable, so I’m inclined to listen to someone else.  Jesus very clearly told us to not do that.

My friends, God’s words of life are right there in front of us.  Sure, they’re confusing sometimes – which is why a group Bible Study led by a competent teacher is a good idea – but they are the words of life nonetheless.  In order to have full life, new life, abundant life, we must do all we can to listen to Jesus.

Reflection task for the day: Spend some time today asking God to guide you in an evaluation of the different voices to which you listen each day.  Write them down. Try to figure out how you prioritize them. Consider where Jesus’ voice fits in. Consider how you know Jesus’ voice, as opposed to calling your own desires “Jesus’ voice”.  Do you listen to Jesus’ voice as found in scripture or as filtered through your own mind and desires? If you would like to listen to Jesus’ more than you do, read the Bible more. Also, look for a Bible study; we have several at FCCGJ, and there are many more in the community.

Have a blessed day,

Pastor Brad