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Festival of Homiletics 2015

Let’s Keep the Story Going

The most thought-provoking thing I heard today at FOH 2015 (of a great many thought-provoking things) was this: The northern kingdom of God’s people (called Israel) was overtaken by the Assyrian empire around 722 BC; once overtaken, this kingdom of people pretty much faded into the woodwork of history. The southern kingdom of God’s people […]

Un-Do Us So We can be Re-Made

A few more of my favorite quotes* from Sara Miles’ lecture on evangelism at Festival of Homiletics (FOH) 2015 in Denver: – “God’s stories are supposed to un-do us so we can be re-made.” – “God’s stories are supposed to transform us.” (This gets me wondering; do we come to worship each week expecting to […]