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First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

Sermons on Isaiah

The Prophets Foretold

In other words, when we say that Santa and reindeer and mistletoe and snow are Christmas to us….are we settling for TOO LITTLE? After hearing God’s words through the prophets anew this year, I really think we are. Because, while fireplaces and the joy of family are nice, they don’t even BEGIN to compare to what Christmas really should be to us….what God promised Christmas would be. Amen.

Christ The King

Y’all, today is Christ the King Sunday. Today is the day when we proclaim with hope and with confidence that the whole earth will someday be Christ’s kingdom, that someday everything that divides people from people and even people from God will fall away. Today is the day when we celebrate the coming fulfillment of all that we hope for, all that we dream for, all that we trust in, through Christ Jesus! Amen.

Changing Lives

Y’all, there ARE hungry people all around…even now. There are people who need a changed life. Maybe we can’t miraculously heal people or resurrect people the way Jesus could. But we can TALK with them and in conversation with them help them experience the amazing power of Jesus. It’s time to bring those hungry people in. It’s time to talk to people about your encounters with Jesus, about what you encounter here at First Christian Church, Grand Junction. It’s time to expect that when you start that conversation, it will be a conversation that will change someone’s life.

The Paul Problem

So my message to you today is this: don’t get caught up in thinking you’ve got to have some amazing conversion story in order to have something to tell. All you need is an awareness that Jesus makes a difference in your life, that God makes a difference in your life, that Church makes a difference in your life.

Tempted to Choose Our Own Ways

I suppose we could all lament that God’s ways are not our ways. After all, it feels like human nature to want our way, doesn’t it? But Jesus reminds us that something else is true. Life, real life, is found not in seeking our will but in seeking God’s will, God’s ways. And if God’s words through the prophet Isaiah are true, God’s ways – for the most part – will NOT be your ways, so you’re going to have to work with the tools God has provided to resist the temptation of your own way and instead give over to God’s ways. What’s it going to be? Will you try so hard to save your life that you will lose it, or are you willing to give up your way to God – to lose your life for Jesus’ sake – so you may gain REAL life?

They Shall Run and Not be Weary

Folks, the reality is, we ARE the body of Christ in this time and this place. Our job is to BE Jesus, here, now…to do the kinds of things he did so that the world might draw closer to God and God’s kingdom might increasingly break into this world. How are we doing? Can we do better? Will we?