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Sermons from September 2016

Happy Endings

So God’s good news as found in today’s passage is simply this: whenever you choose to follow God’s will for you instead of your own harmful feelings and desires, whenever you choose to let God guide the direction of your life instead of letting the pain of your past and the pain of what others have done to you guide the direction of your future, whenever you decide to let go of all the justifications you have for why it’s ok to hold on to anger and hate because, by golly, that mean person who hurt you DESERVES it, then, THEN, you will enjoy contentment in life, then you will enjoy life and every single moment of life as a gift and blessing instead of a curse.


But God showed us very early on, as early as the second creation story in the Bible and then all the way through the scriptures, that there will be consequences to our actions, but they will be MUCH less than what we deserve…because God will NEVER abandon us. Hallelujah!