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Sermons from April 2020

April 26, 2020 At-Home Worship Plan

Third Sunday of Eastertide At-Home Worship Plan First Christian Church, Grand Junction April 26, 2020   PREPARATION Paschal Candle – If we were worshipping in the sanctuary, we would keep the Paschal Candle lit on Sunday mornings until Pentecost, so I’ll encourage you to do the same throughout Eastertide during your at-home worship.  You can […]

April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday Sermon: New Life Amidst COVID-19

It’s not easy to grasp, but what we do right now FCCGJ, the work of spreading the news of what God is up to amidst COVID-19, it WILL shape the future for this nation and the world.  OUR decision to share or not share what God is up to will determine for generations to come whether this continent on which we live, maybe even the whole of the world, becomes the Kingdom of God or something else.  The present task is THAT big. Which gives us great responsibility – you might even say an Easter-sized responsibility.

Easter 2020 At-Home Worship Plan

Easter Sunday At-Home Worship Plan First Christian Church, Grand Junction April 12, 2020 PREPARATION Easter Breakfast/Brunch – I know, we can’t eat Easter Brunch together as a congregation; you can’t even go out for brunch.  But, you can make an at-home Easter brunch that reminds you of resurrection (think “eggs” and even greens to remind […]

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday At-Home Worship Plan 2020

Two worship services are provided.  One is a Maundy Thursday/Last Supper service.  The other is a Good Friday/Tenebrae service. If you choose, you can use both on Maundy Thursday (start with the Last Supper service and move onto the Tenebrae service) on Thursday, OR you can use the Last Supper service on Thursday and the Tenebrae service on Good Friday.

Journey to the Cross: The Light Goes Out?

These are troubling times, for sure.  In the midst of these troubling times, let’s remember what God has done BEFORE when the this world has endured troubling times, trouble enough to crucify and kill God’s Son: God worked some of the most amazing miracles ever witnessed…all to give people hope, all to give us the hope we need right here, right now.