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Sermons on 2 Kings

“This is My Son, the Beloved”

I started today by talking about lighthouses. And I told you Jesus becomes a lighthouse in today’s gospel text. And he really does. Not only does he become a beacon of light, showing his inner reality as light, but, like a lighthouse, Jesus directs us AWAY from danger and TOWARD safety. And we NEED that lighthouse that is Jesus. Like Peter, we are tempted to listen to another voice – maybe the voice of the tempter, maybe the voice of society, maybe our own voice – but we’re tempted to listen to another voice that is constantly calling us to make choices and take actions that would lead us to the dangerous rocks, even if it sounds like the voice is leading us to the comforting place of staying the same while Jesus calls us toward the seemingly dangerous place that is the cross, that is reaching out into the unknown and doing things that aren’t so comfortable but that give REAL life, life in God’s kingdom. So God sent us Jesus, and God said, “listen to him.”