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First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

Advent 2020 Jesse Tree

December 20, 2020 Sermon: Jesse Tree – Joseph: It’s Up to Us

If you would simply spend your days listening very specifically for how God is guiding you to help preserve and share the message of Jesus, the message of Messiah, and then doing whatever you hear God directing you to do, YOU, yes YOU, will influence the future of creation in accordance with God’s will.  It’s up to YOU.  THAT is God’s message of Joseph this Advent and Christmas season.

December 13, 2020 Sermon, Jesse Tree – Josiah: Returning to God

As one of Jesus’ ancestors, as OUR spiritual ancestor, Josiah calls upon us during this Advent and coming Christmas season to evaluate everything we do as individuals and as congregation against what we learn from Jesus.  Josiah calls us to take our celebration of Jesus’ birth each year as an opportunity to consider in what ways Jesus is like our lost book of the law. 

December 6, 2020 (Second Sunday in Advent) Sermon, Jesse Tree Sermon 2 – Boaz, Caring for the Least

My friends, we live long after the Messiah came into this world and told us to share the good news of God’s love in word and deed…and yet, I wonder sometimes what we actually share by most of our words and most of our deeds.  And then I encounter Boaz, who lived long BEFORE God sent the Messiah into this world.  And without any knowledge at all of Jesus, Boaz shared God’s love with those like Ruth who needed it most.  And we still remember Boaz’ story to this day.