In-building corporate worship set to return on Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 @ 10:50am.
First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

The Minor Prophets 2017

The Minor Prophets: How Shall We Return?

The first step is to give over your first fruits, the best of whatever material possessions you have now and the first fruits of all that you will get in the future, give them over to God so that you won’t have ANYTHING competing for God’s attention in your life. The first step is to trust that God will guide you to all you need, and God will best lead you to what you truly desire in life, to what is truly best in life.

The Minor Prophets: God’s Kingdom on Earth

The secret to our future success as CHURCH: it’s not about the music; it’s not about the color of the carpet; it’s not about the roof or the parking lot; it’s not about how well the lawn is maintained; it’s not about how good our fellowship coffee tastes or smells; it’s not about how well stocked our library is. NO. Our future success depends ENTIRELY on whether or not First Christian Church, Grand Junction becomes God’s kingdom here on earth.

The Minor Prophets – God’s Compassion

And so…God gave the Israelites another chance. Not just a second chance; they’d had those. But a third and fourth and fifth chance – maybe more like a hundredth or a thousandth chance. THAT’S why God sent the prophets – not to declare punishment…but to declare mercy and compassion. When God sent a prophet, God sent that prophet to tell God’s people they didn’t DESERVE another chance, but God was going to give them one…ANYWAY. The whole POINT of the prophets was to give people yet ANOTHER chance.

The Minor Prophets: Be Amazed

Folks, we learn through Habakkuk and the other prophets that God is mighty. We learn through Habakkuk and the other prophets that God IS WORKING…right now, to get GOD’S WILL done. We learn through Habakkuk that we should look around and EXPECT to BE AMAZED, BE ASTONISHED, BE ASTOUNDED…every time we walk through these doors, every time we walk through any doors. God is already doing amazing things. Let’s look for them and get on board with what God is doing!