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December 13, 2020 Sermon, Jesse Tree – Josiah: Returning to God

As one of Jesus’ ancestors, as OUR spiritual ancestor, Josiah calls upon us during this Advent and coming Christmas season to evaluate everything we do as individuals and as congregation against what we learn from Jesus.  Josiah calls us to take our celebration of Jesus’ birth each year as an opportunity to consider in what ways Jesus is like our lost book of the law. 

Advent Change: Sing for Joy

But, if we want the benefits of singing for joy ALL…THE…TIME, we’ve got to figure out ways to sing for joy throughout the year. So…we can, we should, take the momentum of the Christmas season and carry it forward by establishing regular patterns that will help us sing for joy as God intends…and live the most abundant, contented, lives possible.

Advent Change: Forgive

And…one of the greatest changes represented in Jesus was God’s forgiveness of sins…as well as God’s revelation that the best way for us to live is to forgive the real and perceived trespasses of others…to forgive not for their sake alone but also, maybe especially, for the sake of ourselves.

The Prophets Foretold

In other words, when we say that Santa and reindeer and mistletoe and snow are Christmas to us….are we settling for TOO LITTLE? After hearing God’s words through the prophets anew this year, I really think we are. Because, while fireplaces and the joy of family are nice, they don’t even BEGIN to compare to what Christmas really should be to us….what God promised Christmas would be. Amen.

Stories to Tell

So even when we – when you – get it right and think that Christmas is about what God was doing through that little baby born on Christmas morning, I hope these four stories remind you of just one more thing. Christmas is ALSO about God deciding to include US in God’s plan…even relying on US, people, to help implement God’s plan. When we go along, God can and WILL do amazing, miraculous, Christmas-like things.

“Merry Christmas” NOY “Happy Holidays”

Y’all, it’s time for us, God’s people, to dream some dreams. It’s time for us to see some visions. It’s time for us to move from an existence that can best be described using words like “darkness” and “despair” to an existence that can best be described using words like “bright” and “hopeful” and “amazing” and “new”. It’s time to start realizing that when we listen to and follow God’s will, anything, absolutely ANYTHING, is possible…even things beyond our wildest imagination.