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'Back to Basics' Tagged Sermons

Back to Basics: Jesus

He was born.  He lived a while.  He made some friends and enemies.  He died. I suppose you COULD summarize Jesus’ life that way…but if you did you’d be missing just about EVERYTHING important about Him.  As Christians, we must do more to understand who we believe Jesus is…and we must do more to live in accordance with who we SAY Jesus is.  Because, even the slightest nuance in how you live impacts what you say you believe deep in your heart…and even the slightest nuance in what you believe SHOULD impact how you live.

Back to Basics: God

I hope, I PRAY, that you will cut out the clutter and get back to the basics, the essentials, of who God is and how God works in the world.   God is relational and craves relationship with you. God is loving and good. God creates and causes the goodness. God is loving, graceful, and forgiving…all the way to the end of time.  And God calls you to know and enjoy the very best in life.

Back to Basics: The Bible

Even though we should, we MUST, check the Bible against other sources of authority to make sure we’re not abusing it, to make sure we’re actually receiving revelation from God through the scriptures instead of revelation from ourselves, the Bible should STILL be our primary source of revelation…but only for the kinds of things God reveals in the scriptures… I think, I fear, we’ve let the Bible slip as a source of authority because we’ve sought revelation from the Bible about things God does not reveal through the Bible.