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'Palm Sunday' Tagged Sermons

Journey to the Cross: The Light Goes Out?

These are troubling times, for sure.  In the midst of these troubling times, let’s remember what God has done BEFORE when the this world has endured troubling times, trouble enough to crucify and kill God’s Son: God worked some of the most amazing miracles ever witnessed…all to give people hope, all to give us the hope we need right here, right now.

Journey to the Cross: Triumphal Entry

My friends, Jesus entered Jerusalem in a most unusual way to begin the last week of His earthly ministry.  And He did so to show the people of His day that real triumph, success, victory, in the eyes of God and for the best way of living, looks very different than what was thought by the people of His time.  Come to think of it, Jesus entered Jerusalem in a most unusual way to show people of OUR time that victory looks a lot different than most of us think.

Tempted to Forget

My friends, today is Palm Sunday. It is the day we have shouted Hosanna’s with the crowd. It is the beginning of the Holiest Week of the year for us. But it is also the day we remember that the crowd FORGOT. It is my hope and prayer for you that you will not give into that same temptation…so that the highs of your experiences with the ever-living Christ will not be confined to once a week or once a year or even a few times in your life but will rather become a constant in your life.