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'Parables' Tagged Sermons

The Stick?

At first glance, Jesus story of the Rich Man and Lazarus might sound like a description of the afterlife. It might sound like a description of the afterlife intended to scare people with a big stick into living as God desires. But I don’t think that’s what it is at all. Rather, I think it’s Jesus’ attempt to teach people how to get the carrot, how to experience the great party offered here and for eternity. It’s Jesus way of yelling, “Choose God instead of choosing silver that turns to dross!”

Why Parables?

Have you ever been reading along in the gospels, thinking that you’re starting to get a good sense of what Jesus was about, when all of a sudden you ran across a parable that just really perplexed you? I sure HOPE so. It means you’re right where you should be, doing your best to unlock the secrets of and fully enjoy the great blessings of the kingdom of God.