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A New Age

When you get down to it, this new AGE, this new ERA of Jesus, an era that’s not too unlike the era of Abraham, it’s a lot more freeing than the era of the law. It really is. But it also places a TON more responsibility upon us all. Remember when I said that it was sad that people chose against God? I bet you lament that choice of Adam and Eve just about every day. But, here’s the thing: God has been giving us a chance to re-make that decision ever since. That’s what the Bible is about.

Hebrews: Sympathy and Boldness

It is my hope that from this day forward you will choose to speak everywhere you go as if you are speaking before the throne of God with the arm of Jesus draped lovingly around your shoulders. It is my hope that you will choose to LIVE from this day forward as if you are living before the throne of God with the arm of Jesus draped lovingly around your shoulders. Live, speak, and love with boldness, confident that the great high priest Jesus Christ is with you always!

Hebrews: From Dead Works to Living

The reality is, God gave you free choice. And you can keep choosing dead works all day long, all your life long, and God won’t stop you. But why? Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you keep closing the doors God opens…instead of walking through them with the choices of your life and enjoying the loving kindness and the amazing goodness of the One who gave you life and continues to show you the way to living?

Hebrews: Jesus as Pioneer

If this is the Jesus you are following….and you wonder why your life doesn’t feel like resurrection, why your life doesn’t feel like new life, why your faith feels more like a burnt-out cardboard match than a blazing bonfire…well, I would suggest that you get in touch with Jesus the pioneer, Jesus the trailblazer…and I am confident you will find what it is you have been missing.

Hebrews: Purification for Sins

Think about all those things that might lead you to be indifferent. And then, think about this: Thanks to Jesus, you can be where God resides, right here, right now! And thanks to Jesus, you can be where God resides, you can be with the maker of all things, living as the maker of all things desires you to live, both here and now…and forever!

The Psalms: Salvation History

Now, I want to give you a chance to experience what those Israelites experienced…because Psalms of Salvation History don’t have to be confined to the past; they don’t have to be confined to the Old Testament or to the book of the Psalms. God has been working amazing deeds for Christians, for US, for thousands of years. And we can write and recite Psalms of Salvation History in OUR time as we prepare for the future God has in store for us.

The Fulfillment of Salvation History

Folks, Christ is risen. That fact might have confused and perplexed the followers of Jesus who first visited the empty tomb, but it shouldn’t have. It just FITS with everything that had come before, and I don’t just mean Jesus’ often confusing words. Christ is risen because resurrection, new life, real, true life, the kind of life that is TOV, is what God has always wanted for all of us, for YOU.