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July 5, 2020 Sermon – Living the Christian Faith: Whom to Trust

So…do me a favor, and for yourself go back in time…in your mind…like I did at the beginning of this sermon.  Go back in your personal history to a time when you incorrectly placed trust in a person or group who abused that trust.  Remember the outcome.  Remember your feelings, your emotions.  Remember the pain of the consequences.  And ask yourself:  when it comes to the big decisions of life, when it comes to decisions of Church, when it comes to decisions regarding the future of this nation…is THAT the kind of outcome you desire?  Or would you rather place your trust in Godly people who are sincere… and honest… and God focused …and seek the common good?  In this time and place, in whom would YOU rather trust?

A Life of Trusting in God

While God’s followers will endure all kinds of crises, all kinds of calamities, God is also there with with them – with you – in the midst of a crisis. And God WILL provide a response, even if it’s no more than the response of God’s presence and comfort (which is actually quite a lot)…and will often be exactly what you need to get through. In whatever difficulties you encounter, I encourage you not to despair but to look for God’s response.

A Party of Hope

Y’all, a big, HUGE reason that we can experience the party called faith that is the Kingdom of God…a big, HUGE reason we can experience ANYTHING at all as a party after we experience pain and loss and suffering is exactly because there is hope in God.

Expecting to See Jesus

Y’all, I believe at the core of my being that what searchers and seekers are wanting when they visit us is to find a place full of people daring to believe that God is with us in this boat called life, a place full of people whose expectation that God will be present in amazing and miraculous ways today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter is contagious, a place exuding not hope but TRUST and CONFIDENCE that God’s kingdom is near and so life is good and worthwhile, no matter how chaotic things look outside these walls.

Psalms Sermon Series: Trust

So, here’s the thing. Trusting in God doesn’t mean that you’ll get whatever YOU want. It doesn’t mean that the reasons that might cause you to fear will go away – that you will experience no hardship or challenge in life. But it does mean that you will come to know that God’s way, God’s big picture, is bigger and better than ANY other way, even the way of your desires.