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Sermons on Compassion

The Prophets Foretold

In other words, when we say that Santa and reindeer and mistletoe and snow are Christmas to us….are we settling for TOO LITTLE? After hearing God’s words through the prophets anew this year, I really think we are. Because, while fireplaces and the joy of family are nice, they don’t even BEGIN to compare to what Christmas really should be to us….what God promised Christmas would be. Amen.

The Minor Prophets – God’s Compassion

And so…God gave the Israelites another chance. Not just a second chance; they’d had those. But a third and fourth and fifth chance – maybe more like a hundredth or a thousandth chance. THAT’S why God sent the prophets – not to declare punishment…but to declare mercy and compassion. When God sent a prophet, God sent that prophet to tell God’s people they didn’t DESERVE another chance, but God was going to give them one…ANYWAY. The whole POINT of the prophets was to give people yet ANOTHER chance.


I started the sermon by talking about the character Dug from the animated movie “Up”. And Dug had this way of stopping the important stuff to chase after squirrels. I’ll bet there are some Christians out there, maybe even in HERE, who think of taking the time and effort to share love with and be present with the seemingly most unworthy people is akin to chasing after squirrels. But in my reading of the scriptures, in my reading of the life and ministry of Jesus, it’s pretty much everything ELSE that is akin to chasing after squirrels. It’s pretty much everything ELSE that comprises the interruptions.