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Sermons on Faith

June 14, 2020 SERMON – Living the Christian Faith: Doers of the Word

I’m guessing there’s not a person here who desires a faith that is dead, a faith that isn’t real, a faith that is nothing more than deceiving the self.  Which means…you’ve got to act.  And which also means, the way to know your faith is to look at your actions.  Do your actions reflect a faith in Jesus, the Son of God, who gave his life for humanity?  Or do your actions reflect something else?


Y’all, a church building that had been reduced to rubble just a few years prior to that service now stood as a beacon of hope for a community and a testament to what faith-in-action can do. Which gets me wondering: what can God accomplish when and if WE, First Christian Church, Grand Junction, put our faith into greater action?

Ephesians: What’s the Point

What’s the point? Thanks to Jesus, whatever it is that you are lacking in your life, and particularly the stuff that we seem to be MORE lacking today than 2,000 years ago – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, THESE kinds of things – whatever it is that you’re lacking in THIS kingdom, it IS available in that other kingdom, the Kingdom of God. And thanks to Jesus, you can access that other kingdom and all the wonders it offers while you still live here on this planet, in THIS life. But, of course, there IS a catch. You’ve got to wholly commit to living in that other kingdom to access its wonders. Which kingdom will you choose?

The Minor Prophets: Be Amazed

Folks, we learn through Habakkuk and the other prophets that God is mighty. We learn through Habakkuk and the other prophets that God IS WORKING…right now, to get GOD’S WILL done. We learn through Habakkuk that we should look around and EXPECT to BE AMAZED, BE ASTONISHED, BE ASTOUNDED…every time we walk through these doors, every time we walk through any doors. God is already doing amazing things. Let’s look for them and get on board with what God is doing!

Good Fruit

Fruit of the Spirit aren’t things for us to work really hard to achieve in and of themselves; rather, they’re the things that will be made manifest in us if we decide to follow God’s Holy Spirit in everything we do.
So…if you want your life to be more filled with joy, peace, love, generosity, or self-control, you’re going to have to take a different approach than waking up every morning and repeating the mantra, “I will have more joy today, I will have more joy today, I will have more joy today.”

A New Age

When you get down to it, this new AGE, this new ERA of Jesus, an era that’s not too unlike the era of Abraham, it’s a lot more freeing than the era of the law. It really is. But it also places a TON more responsibility upon us all. Remember when I said that it was sad that people chose against God? I bet you lament that choice of Adam and Eve just about every day. But, here’s the thing: God has been giving us a chance to re-make that decision ever since. That’s what the Bible is about.

Not Enough

As we begin this Lenten season, our journey toward the cross, I encourage you to evaluate your faith-life, and compare it to your day-to-day life. Is your faith-life something that exists in your heart and your head? Is your faith-life something manifests itself in Sunday morning worship and fellowship events with a few of your close friends? Or does your faith-life look like a compulsion, a compulsion driven by the love of God to seek out those who have need – even for, especially for, people who are nothing at all like you and who you didn’t even know before you decided to help them – and to perform actions of mercy on their behalf?

Listen to Him

At the beginning of the sermon, I mentioned a Bible study that began with the words, “All Christians want to know God’s will for their lives.” Y’all, we DO want to know God’s will for us, but, somehow, I doubt we’re going to discover it by rolling dice. Rather, we’ve got to do everything we can to HEAR Jesus’ words as provided in scripture….and then yield to what we hear. In other words, we need to LISTEN TO HIM.