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Sermons on Trustworthiness

July 5, 2020 Sermon – Living the Christian Faith: Whom to Trust

So…do me a favor, and for yourself go back in time…in your mind…like I did at the beginning of this sermon.  Go back in your personal history to a time when you incorrectly placed trust in a person or group who abused that trust.  Remember the outcome.  Remember your feelings, your emotions.  Remember the pain of the consequences.  And ask yourself:  when it comes to the big decisions of life, when it comes to decisions of Church, when it comes to decisions regarding the future of this nation…is THAT the kind of outcome you desire?  Or would you rather place your trust in Godly people who are sincere… and honest… and God focused …and seek the common good?  In this time and place, in whom would YOU rather trust?