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First Christian Church, Grand Junction – Praising God, Changing Lives!

Sermons from October 2015

Those Amazing Moments

I wonder, have you had the kind of amazing moments I have described? I wonder, have you had the kind of amazing moments the Israelites had? I wonder, do you WANT to have those kinds of moments – those moments in which you feel like dancing….and singing…and playing instruments…and praising God with all you’ve got? Do you want to have those kinds of moments?

The Power of Relationships

When we work to place relationships first over everything else – and by relationships I don’t mean just feeding off of others but offering to serve others in relationship with them – when we work to place relationships first over everything else, THEN, we will begin to experience the amazing power of relationships that God offered us from the beginning!

A Story for the Generations

Y’all, I don’t know whether or not this stuff was meant to be taken literally. But I DO believe it conveys a very important message that in my opinion we have lost over the generations. And the message is quite simply this: if we don’t figure out a way to remember God’s story, not just once a week on Sunday morning but in the day-to-day motions of our lives, we WILL forget. Actually, we HAVE forgotten.

But the good news is that it’s not too late. We’re all still alive. We can all make the kind of change God communicated through Moses to those people so many generations ago. We can all add some rituals of remembrance to our lives.

Enduring Faithfulness

I don’t know what you’ve been waiting for or if you feel that it’s too late for you to do something that will make a difference…but I would suggest to you that it’s NEVER too late in God’s long-term plan. Even if you’ve been on this planet 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90+ years, there’s a way you can participate. And while you may not ever know how much of a difference you made once you decide to make a difference…God will know, people for generations to come will know.